Website Performance Analysis

Fast websites get higher conversions and higher search engines exposure!


Website performance is a crucial contributor both to search engine rankings and to customers satisfaction!
E-commerce, business-to-business, publishers and service providers see better ROI with faster page load times. It’s one of the easiest upgrades you can make, and our website performance analysis service can get you there easily. We analyze various performance aspects of the website structure, code, caching, CDN and networking level and will outline our recommended changes. In case needed we can also carry out the suggested changes ourselves or guide your team how to do this until you see the improvements.

If you have bike you must put fuel in to make it transport you, same same with a website, I-Land Online Marketing will help you find the best “fuel” to drive your business. The better you feed it the better it feeds you. It’s just that simple and just that difficult.

Clifford Alexander

Website Performance Analysis – Scope Of Work
  • Test multiple site pages with multiple devices.
  • Suggest changes to HTML and CSS code for faster page rendering.
  • Recommend server and database changes that speed up every aspect of your site.
  • Review these recommendations, with your team (Online or offline).
  • Recommend Content Distribution Network (CDN) and caching server .implementation.
  • Provide site-wide performance recommendations.
  • Related costs analysis: operational, licensing, 3rd party software etc.

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