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It’s not only about developing a website it’s about planning how it will serve your business!

Your website is the face of your business we can’t emphasis enough how important it is that people feel good about it when they visit you online, first impression counts!!! Your website needs to feel fresh, modern and easy to navigate for your visitors.

All this doesn’t necessarily mean complicated website development, design or technology, it means understanding the users and allow them great experience. Be it an e-commerce, marketing, promotional, listings or bookings website: a marketing led, conversion oriented design and website development along with marketing strategy –  only this will deliver a converting website.

I have an online business for more then 10 years, never been happier with my online-suppliers like I’m happy with choosing I-Land to develop my site. Thank you, I-Land, for a wonderful job, great service and oh-so-much-patience

Zohar Carmi

Owner, Zohar Badka

Our Website Development Concepts

When developing each website we have three aspects which lead us from the requirements analysis stage through every line of code:

  • Nature of your business, what your customers want to see in your websites and what is the most effective way to deliver this content to them.
  • What kind of traffic do you need and how will you get it?
  • What would your customers be looking for when they engage with your market?

For us at I-Land Online Marketing quality website development means:

  • Quality Content.
  • Creativity.
  • Simple Usability.
  • Responsive (looks the best on every device).
  • Conversion (getting your visitors to do what you want them to do).
  • Visibility – Ranks Well on Search engines.
  • Performance.
  • Statistics.
  • Easy maintenance which does not need top-notch developers for updating your contact info…you will be surprised what you will be able to do yourself!

Our website development service is strictly goals oriented and designed to maximize your ROI

Process Description

We have a well-defined, high quality website development process that has worked well with all of our other clients. Our delivery process made to make your website development experience easy with minimal overhead. There are six stages that we will work through together as we develop your website:

Needs Analysis:This is the stage when we analyze the your online needs, What are your goals? the competition? and how are we going to generate for you a new or enhance an existing income source?

Requirements:With our guidance you collect the required content and our team gathers up all of your requirements.

Development: We are developing your new website (7-21 working days depending on the requirements).

Review: This is the time for you to check your site, collect feedback make minor changes (2-5 working days).

Testing: Our team does an in-depth review that tests for bugs that may surface and to make sure that your minor changes are fixed. Once done, your site is ready to roll out (2-5 working days).

Launch: Your web site vision has become a reality.

Our Website development Guidelines:

Nowadays most technological requirements are available, widely and easily used, there is no need to get into complicated developments which are totally out of your line of business. We are here to point you to the right reliable and supported solutions which are already out there.

You also need to make sure you keep your website up to date with latest pictures, news and offerings. This means you need the ability to edit the website yourself. We can also offer maintenance or training services if required.

Responsiveness – nowadays when numbers are around 40% of internet traffic (and more in some markets), mobile phones and tablets cannot be neglected, we will not let you overlook mobile devices…

WordPress is our preferred CMS (content management system) platform, this is the platform we will use to build your website (unless you have another specific demand). WordPress is free software, the most popular CMS platform in the world, the most search engine friendly and the easiest to maintain.

Here’s an article with more information on why WordPress:

Website development – Scope of work
  • Define site mock-up, design and UI flow
  • Website development
  • Domains and hosting purchases
  • Google Webmaster tools setup and integration
  • Google Analytics installation (if required)
  • Keyword research as required
  • Setup of social properties as required, your Facebook business and profiles on other important networks for your business.
  • Google Places setup.
  • On page SEO – Title tag and meta description optimization.
  • On page SEO – optimization of other code elements such as image file names and alt tags.
  • On page SEO – website speed review & recommendations of fixes as required.
  • On page SEO – setup feed burner feed for your blog.
  • Link building & citation building – we’ll setup listings on various top-tier directory sites and industry directories
  • Link building – RSS feed submission to top-tier RSS sites
  • 301 Redirects – for customers launching a new website, we recreate your URL profile on the new site using 301 redirects so visitors with links to your old site will be automatically redirected to the relevant page on your new site
  • Customized user-friendly Error pages
  • XML site map
  • Testing on relevant devices

Depending on the Business we can include items like:

  • Online Booking forms and integration to 3rd parties.
  • Heat Maps and advanced conversion tracking solutions.
  • e-commerce/shop solutions.
  • Payment gateways integration (charge Credit cards, Bank transfers, PayPal etc..).
  • Online Classifieds.
  • Business Directories.
  • Newsletters and email marketing.
  • And more…

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