Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (PPC)

Fast way to increase traffic, Immediate results, Great ROI!

PPC campaign (Pay per Click) is a great way to penetrate a market, boost sales and increase brand awareness in a short period. With a pre-defined budget and accurate statistics we can measure the ROI quickly and effectively. As opposed to SEO, PPC campaigns show results quickly and are easy to measure. We will present you with the best PPC strategy: Budget, channels, target customers, creative and content. We will recommend which channels are best for your business.
I have an online business for more then 10 years, never been happier with my online-suppliers like I’m happy with choosing I-Land to develop my site. Thank you, I-Land, for a wonderful job, great service and oh-so-much-patience!
Zohar Carmi

CEO, Zohar Badka

PPC Campaign Management – Scope Of Work
  1. Intensive keyword research and keyword selection.
  2. Allocate initial Budget.
  3. Campaigns planning (Deliver the Right PPC Ads to the right people in the right time)
    • Seasonality
    • What do I offer?
      1. What differs your business from competition
      2. Key selling points
    • What am I trying to accomplish
      1. What actions do you want customers to take (sign-up/make booking, brand awareness??)
      2. What’s the deadline?
  4. What do you want the customers to feel?
  5. Who are my preferred customers?
    • Demographics
    • What is their value perception?
  6. In what situation are they (want to make a booking/need to make a booking/thinking to come to the area)?
  7. Google Ad Extensions.
  8. Geo-Targeting.
  9. Ad Scheduling.
  10. Re-targeting and re-marketing.
  11. Negative Keywords and Refining Your Campaigns.
  12. Device Targeting and Bid Adjustments.
  13. Tracking and monitoring the results.
  14. Budget Optimization.

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