Outsourced Software/IT Services and custom Projects

Software and IT outsourcing solutions

Sodowa Park have been offering IT, Software Outsourcing Service and custom projects since 2012.

We are expats residing in Thailand for more than a decade.

Our expertise and experience in IT, Software development and project management along with our proficiency with the Thai resources, have been serving our customers with finest service they can get!

The combination of our western working standards and the fact we are proficient with the Thailand IT and software development resources, local culture, work ethics, local laws and speaking the local language gives our customer the benefit of straightforward, easy and efficient communication and tasks execution at the local Thai costs!

Our services can be suitable for private and state Sector at any size.

We have multiple services packages which can be suitable for all kind of business at any size with whatever level of complexity.

We are also happy to define any custom projects to utilize our advantages and fulfill our customers targets.

Project Management

Software Development

Office Set-up and management

Human resources outsourcing

Staff Sourcing

We are happy to hear of any other requirements!

Success Stories

Vestas / AA wind – Foreign engineers team Logistics

Wonderland Healing Center – IT Sourcing

MWC Media – Local Office & Talent sourcing

IRPC – IT Sourcing

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